Saturday, August 8, 2009

Guest Blogger: Bissell Revolution Lift-Off Pet Hair Vacuum

Enjoy this wonderful guest blogger post by Anndy, and perhaps you too will want this vacuum! I know with all of Milly's hair in our house I'm dying to get one of these! Great product review!!! :)

Bissell Revolution Lift-Off Pet Hair Vacuum

One of the many joys of getting married is making a list of presents for people to give you. This does seem incredibly self centered, but I have to say it’s really nice when you are on the receiving end of it. My absolute favorite item on our Lowes gift registry was a Bissell Revolution Lift-Off Pet Hair Vacuum. With two big dogs (an Australian cattle dog and a black lab mix) living in a very small house, the pet hair adds up dramatically in a short amount of time. I had never been able to afford a nice vacuum to deal with all of the hair accumulation so I was really happy when my husband’s fellow teachers all chipped in and bought us our vacuum. This product is amazing.

We are currently living in a rental house with wall to wall carpeting. I am not a fan of carpet. I much prefer hard wood floors with a few throw rugs on top. I also really hated vacuuming with a bad model because it just took so long, even in our tiny house. Since we got the Bissell, I must say that my attitude towards vacuuming has definitely changed! Vacuuming takes half the time it used to. The brush feature of the vacuum gets up every bit of hair. Our cattle dog has fairly long hair and the lab mix has short hair and all if it gets vacuumed up. Every time I vacuum, the hair and dust builds up in the container (which either means my house is truly disgusting most of the time or the vacuum really works…or maybe both!) It’s so easy to clean out. The canister that catches the hair and dirt just lifts out and you can dump it in the trash. No bags are necessary. There is a light on the body of the machine that lights up when the filter needs to be cleaned. I haven’t had this happen yet and the vacuum has been used quite a bit.

The only probably I have with the vacuums is that long hair (which I have and I almost shed as badly as the dogs do) and string or whatever else is on the floor gets wrapped around the rotating brush of the vacuum. I don’t think there is anything that can be done about this though, and it is easy to clean out. I have also heard some bad things about Bissells. Some friends of mine have said that they don’t last very long. Since we’ve only had ours a couple of months, I can’t comment on that personally. I do think that this vacuum is great and I highly recommend it to anyone with pets, long or short haired.

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