Friday, January 22, 2010

My Doggie Must-Have Wish List:

Now that I’m committed to researching the right products and stopping impulse spending, I’m busy saving for the better products I should have bought in the beginning. Here are the tools and products I am pinching pennies and saving for.

I’m simply dying to purchase the Chris Christensen Kool-Dry dryer (in pink!). This is the crème de la crème of dryers! Known as the professionals’ choice, especially if you have more than one dog to groom, it’s sure to be a favorite once you use it. The Kool Dry features a variable output blower from whisper to blast, and dries quickly without added heat to damage the coat. This dryer is powerful yet quiet, it’s compact and comes with an extra long (nine foot) hose and two styles of nozzles! As you know I gave up professional groomings for Milly last summer and put aside the money saved to make this purchase, the money is ready, but it’s hard to convince myself to fork over $350 for a dog dryer!

I love to bargain on EVERYTHING! I’m planning on seeing if Chris Christensen can throw in a free brush with the dryer purchase whenever I get myself mentally prepared for such a big spend. The brush of choice is the Chris Christensen 20mm Fusion Brass Oval Pin Brush! At $50 normally this is one I’m really hoping to be able to bargain in as the freebie! This is a brush that will last me a lifetime of grooming!

Another Chris Christensen brush I’d love to get is the new wooden pin brush – ¾” pin length, 8 ½” body, in oval. This is great for detangling the coat without damaging it! The Carpino Wood pins work to delicately separate out the area of the tangle from the rest of the hair, then work gently to loosen by drawing individual hairs upward and out to the side yet away from the knot. The wooden pins eliminate painful pulling on individual hair follicles that can possible damage or break the hair under the strain. This will also eliminate tightening any knots which are already present. The wooden pins utilize the natural oils to polish the hair by distributing sebum and/or applied oils. It’s also 100% static free! At a cost of $35 it’s not cheap, but well worth it!

With all these brushes there are also times I need a good comb. Metal combs are optimum, and the best comb available is the Belgian Greyhound metal comb. The prices I’ve seen vary on these, but I’ve found one for $28 (plus shipping) and I’m ready to splurge!

Before I can groom I need to be able to give a great bath, while I’m really hoping to one day have a grooming table and a grooming tub, those are on hold for now – along with the Isle of Dog Royal Jelly Shampoo! For now I'll stick with my Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo (diluted, of course).

I’d like to purchase some shammie towels (the generic ShamWow) which are only a few dollars. I’d also like a good microfiber mitt for Milly’s face (she’s very sensitive and a little head shy), and these work great - you can get them for less than $5 at your local auto parts store and they are soooooo soft!

And of course, I really need a Dremel! This is on the top of the list for ideal nail grinding (this reduces the risk of the nail splitting, and it’s harder to hit the quick if you grind the nail as opposed to clipping them). I'm debating between getting a regular Dremel, or buying the Oster nail grinder (I've heard this is good). If you are thinking about getting a nail grinder I'll warn you to stay away from PediPaws (unless you have a toy breed), as it really is not capable of grinding larger nails. A Dremel would be useful for non-dog projects, but is more expensive than the Oster Nail Grinder. The Oster would save me money, but is really only useful for nail grinding. Oh the choices!

I hope you enjoyed reading about the items I hope to one day purchase! They're very expensive, especially when you add them all up, but a girl has got to dream!


  1. Woof! Woof! Finding great n quality products are hard to find n can be expensive. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. I think all our budget will allow is a towel and a brush! It would be nice, though!


  3. Thanks for the ideas! It's kind of embarrasing but I made a gift registry for my dog Sparkles on (I was inspired by a friend's wedding registry) and I'm totally adding a few of these picks to Sparkle's list!