Monday, March 22, 2010

Chuck It

I love playing fetch with Milly, but I've never been talented when it comes to throwing balls. If Milly could talk she'd let you know that there is no rhyme or reason to where the ball goes when I throw it, sometimes it goes far, sometimes it gets stuck in the Azalea bushes, sometimes it goes sideways, and sometimes it practically lands at my feet. Milly is a good sport about my terrible hand-eye-coordination, but it gets annoying that I'm just that bad at throwing balls and frisbies! I have terrible joints, and I'm sure that contributes to my terrible throwing abilities.

I picked up a Chuck-It at Petsmart a few months ago, and have to say this plastic ball launcher has turned me into a great fetch partner! I can now throw a ball more than 15 feet, and it actually goes in the direction I throw it! I can throw the ball with a Chuck-It about the distance of a small field, but I've seen people with much better hand-eye-coordination throw it much, much, much further than I can. Milly is able to get more excercise playing fetch, because the ball goes much further than it did before. I'm able to throw the ball for much longer with the Chuck-It, because my shoulder does not start throbbing. For anyone with bad shoulders, like me, the Chuck-It will help you out tremendously.

The Chuck-It is a simply, but brilliant design. It is made from plastic, and in a long sloping stick with a handle, the shaft of the Chuck-It flows into a tennis ball sized cup. The cup holds a ball while you are going through the throwing motion, but gravity is able to pull the ball out at the end of the throw. Much like throwing a ball with a lacrosse stick would catapult it threw the air, the Chuck-It does the same.

I give this product 4 Paws!!! It's great. At under $14 it is not too expensive, either. They now make them in a variety of sizes. With all toys and balls, make sure to use it with an appropriate sized ball for your particular dog.


  1. I bought one of those for Sam years ago and just absolutely love it!


  2. I've seen them before but never thought they would be worth the money. Now I'm going out to get one. :) XOXO

  3. Ok, you love dogs, I love your blog. It's as simple as that. My parents who were older parents kept me on one of those harness leash things when I started to walk because I kept toddling after dogs.

    Now that I'm all grown up I can walk and run after them, which I often do.

  4. Hi - Thanks for following my blog - now I'm following you as well! :-) And you made it to 100!
    Congratulations! My dog LOVES the Chuck-It. I don't use tennisballs because the glue is bad for dogs teeth, but I have the Chuck-it Fanatic ball (with crazy rope hair) and he loves that. Have a wonderful day!

  5. I love the Chuck it. I can't throw to save my life. This really does help. Also, the Chuck it brand of ball is the only one that I have found that my goldens aren't able to chew apart. Totally worth the money.

  6. My friend’s dog Dixie lover her chuck it and so does my friend b/c his hand stay clean! You should get on the email list for the Baltimore Junior League... I think they have two sales a year. Good luck with your sale this weekend! xx

  7. Hello, I'm your 101st follower. Do I get a prize? BOL Just came by because I found your lovely comment on my blog and wanted to kindly ask you not to leave any muddy prints there. My mommy is big on cleanliness. :)
    Love your post today. We've been considering it for our home but we first have to lear how to fetch.
    If you haven't heard about our Global Animal Event Yet, I'd like to personally introduce you to the concept and invite you to participate, if you feel like it. Here's the link:
    Nice to meet you,

  8. Everyone on Kiawah had these, they seem fun!!