Monday, October 4, 2010

Great Host, Hostess and Hounds!!!

Hamilton is kind enough to share his big bed with Milly, but they don't touch or snuggle! As Annie said, they are like two junior high students at school dance.

As you all know, I am currently between homes, and staying with a variety of friends. These life changing circumstances have made me really grateful for the incredible friends in my life, who have given me so much emotional support, and provided me with warm loving homes to stay in.

I am currently staying with my friend Annie and her husband Frank, and their two fur children (of the basset variety) Hamilton and Rutledge. It has been wonderful staying with them. The one great thing about being homeless is you are able to spend gobs of time with friends that you otherwise might not get to see, and I have loved being able to catch up with them. If you don't already follow Annie's blog, In Case Something Exciting Happens, I highly recommend it. She blogs about a variety of topics, but I love all of the photos she posts of her darling dogs! Basset hounds have so much expression, and I swear they cannot have a bad photo taken of them.

Milly has enjoyed it too. As you all know, Milly is excellent at adapting. She doesn't require much in life - a few squeaky toys, food and water, lots of belly rubs and some play time - to be happy in basically any situation, in any location. She is absolutely milking being a house guest for all it's worth. I think she thinks our current traveling is all for her, and a way for her to be pet and rubbed by as many people as possible, while playing with a variety of dogs.

They aren't afraid to relax around each other!
Milly's head is shaved because of a hotspot, in case you were wondering.

She has had a great time with Hamilton and Rutledge, and these boys seem to be very smitten with her too. Rutledge, who is just under a year old, is most obsessed with Milly, and likes to stand outside of our door making basset noises in hopes of winning the blonde older lady over. Milly is more than happy to give him and Hamilton the time of day, and seems to really like watching their boyish rough housing. It's so nice for Milly to have canine companions. We've lived without any other dogs for so long, that sometimes I think she really misses that dog socialization. She seems so happy with these young wild boys!

Little Rutledge is so cute! His personality is very much that of a little brother,
"Hey guys! Look at me!"
Oh no, "Big kids!... wait for me!"

The Canine Camper has been a life saver with all of our traveling, and Milly has really taken to it. I leave the door, well in this case flap, open at night and let her come in and out of it as she pleases. She has really started to view this crate as her safe haven, and likes to go in it for some alone time.

It sure will be sad to leave these hounds and humans at the end of the week! They have all been such a joy to be around!


  1. I'm so glad that all the 'kids' get along well together. It makes things so much easier!

  2. Happy to see things are going smooth!

    Hugs & smoochies!! XOXO

    peeees I got to seemy dad this weekendand he took me to the dog park!!!!!