Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crate Buckets!

Since starting this blog, I have noticed a trend, some of the best products at the best prices are not geared towards the general dog-owning pet enthusiast, and instead, seem to be inside secrets geared towards your dog fanciers and those who compete in various dog sports. Insiders continue to have great secrets, at great prices, but your regular dog-loving pet-owner is forced to shell out big dollars on mediocre products. I’ve seen this with grooming supplies like brushes and shampoos, leashes and collars, and now, crate pails/buckets.

About a year ago I discovered crate buckets, or crate pales. At this point in time, I had read of the benefits of elevating your pet’s food and water to prevent rushed eating and drinking, and possibly reducing the risks of bloat (whether or not elevated food and water does prevent bloat is controversial, but it certainly won’t hurt your dog), and a crate bucket seemed like a really great product. These stainless steel buckets are great for providing your crated dog with water throughout the day, without the spills associated with a regular water bowl. Most of them are flat on one side, enabling them to hang flush against the kennel or a fence in your dog yard without tipping or rolling. Being made of stainless steel, crate buckets don’t rust, crack, or chip. They’re also very easy to clean (I toss mine in the dishwasher), making them more sanitary than traditional plastic dog bowls. Some crate buckets come with a hook built into the flat side so it is easily attached to a metal cage or fence; while others are attached from the bucket handle using a double ended snap.

When I first started seeing these buckets hanging in the crates in dog fancier’s photos, I recalled seeing similar set-ups in the cages at veterinarian offices, but could not recall a single pet-owner I know using this method. I decided to purchase a crate bucket, and headed to my nearest Petsmart, where I asked, “Do you carry crate buckets?” The sales associated looked at me like I had two heads, and lead me to the crate aisle, and the bowl aisle, but neither aisle contained crate pails. I started looking online, where after some research, I found many options, but was uncertain what size to order. Months went by, and I managed to push the idea from my head.

Recently, I ordered my first crate bucket, and I am sold. I decided to get the 1-Quart size (they come in larger sizes), and it’s perfect. I would probably go up to the 2-Quart if I start using one for food, but for water, the 1-Quart is perfect. At just $7.49 this is cheaper than many dog bowls on the market, and because it is stainless steel, I anticipate having it for years to come. I am amazed that crate buckets are a trend that has not caught on with more pet owners. I wish I had discovered them much sooner!


  1. I love the buckets and have to admit that we use them inside the house too--I bought several of them at a big close out sale several years ago and have never regretted the cost!

  2. How can I attach a crate bucket to a soft sided crate?