Sunday, July 5, 2009


Today is Miss Muddy Paws' birthday and in honor of this special day The Wet Nose is giving away beautiful, tasty, all-natural Canine Cuisine Cookies - special PUPCAKES!!!

The drawing will take place on July 15th, and you will be able to choose from the pink pupcakes or blue pupcakes! These are so cute, and would be perfect for your own puppy pawty! Does your four-legged best friend have a birthday coming up? Is it time to celebrate your dog's own "Gotcha Day"? Or, do you just want to spoil your Schnauzer (or anyother breed or blend of pooch)? If so, go ahead and tell Miss Muddy Paws what your favorite summer activity to do with your dog is, and one special tidbit, tale, story or characteristic that makes your dog deserve these addorable and tasty pupcakes!

A little product description: Spoil your lil’ pup with colorful, beautifully decorated sweet treats on their birthday (or anyother day)! Birthday/Special Day PupCups are the perfect surprise for that wagging tailed special guy or gal in your life. Also great for doggie birthday parties!! 8 PupCups in each box. Made in the U.S.A.

You must be a follower to be elligible for this giveaway! Simply follow the above steps to be entered once. Please tell all your pals about The Wet Nose and you will be entered twice to win!


  1. Happy birthday, Miss Muddy Paws! Mabry would love these! (Herbie is too allergy-ridden and probably shouldn't have any. He only gets his prescription food...) She deserves them because she just turned four, and we haven't gotten to celebrate yet. These would be perfect for a little puppy party!

    We love going to the park where Mabry can fetch sticks in the lake during the summer.


  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!
    Thank so much for your request to follow me on twitter. Hope you will also follow Gracie & me along on our adventures at The Lisa Porter Collection.
    Love your blog!

  3. Hope you had a great birthday!! Heard dinner was yummy! Hershey's birthday is in August and she would love them to celebrate! Our favorite thing to do is to take her swimming at Quiet Waters Park. She absolutely loves it! And we love that she gets tired out from it :-)

  4. Oh, dear, my costars, Todd and Evan, are so very different that I'm usually forced to create seperate activities to captuer their little doggie imaginations.

    For Todd, it usually involves the grilling of red meat, washed down by a bubbly beverage of hops and yeast.

    And for Evan, a visit to the local cabaret will always scratch his itch for the arts.

  5. I am 100% positive little Cody would love these. They might just be up there with his favorite snack-bananas!

  6. Birthday Wags N' Woofs to miss Muddy Paws!

    My Goldens Morgan & mullys favorite summer activity is playing in the water! (They are retrievers.. so you know how they love the water :)

    Why do they deserve pupcakes?
    Humm.. Morgan would say because she protects the yard from crazy squirrels & shes almost 12!& then she would put out her paw for a shake & a smile.

    Mully would say because she is cute!

  7. Thanks for swinging by and telling me about your giveaway!

    I'd like to spoil Beckett, Meadow and Carmella so they can celebrate MY birthday with me this weekend. :-)

    I'll be having another giveaway this weekend too!

  8. Happy Birthday to your pup!! My sweet little man is celebrating his birthday this month too and these treats would be a perfect little treat for him! My favorite thing to do with YoYo in the summer is our nightly walk around the neighborhood. We go after it's cooled down and he's just happy as can be to walk around with us.

    Oh and my pup deserves these treats because he is the most loving dog ever. He gets so excited when we come home from work that he's doing spins in the air!! It's the sweetest thing to be loved unconditionally by a dog.

  9. What a sweet idea and giveaway. Happy Birthday to Miss Muddy Paws! My girls have finicky tummy's but I know whichever puppy that does win will be thrilled!!

  10. Happy Birthday, Miss Muddy Paws! I have a tweenie long haired Dachshund who loves to have muddy paws. He BELIEVES in living up to his heritage as an earth dog in that he has multiple holes in almost a quarter of the dog field. He will dig in rain, snow, sleet and sunshine; he kept digging while I was mowing last week, only stopping to get out of the way... Sometimes he comes in just slimed w/mud and he always makes me laugh. His name is Seymour. I adopted him in a 2 for 1 special from Sally at flawdogs in Morse Mills, MO. He is very smart and will eat anything, especially treats but most of all, would want Miss Muddy Paws to enjoy her special day and get her paws muddy :).

  11. Happy Birthday, Miss Muddy Paws! Thanks for your comment on Heisman's blog! Our favorite summer activity is dining out at the local barbeque restaurant so that Heisman can people watch and then going for walks around the neighborhood. Though it happens only twice a summer, our HUGE favorite is taking Heisman to "Bark at the Park" at the Atlanta Braves game. How fun!!

    My Heisman is a very deserving pup! She, as I am sure you have read, has had TWO knee replacement surgeries since February, and has JUST been released to go on walks - a first since her initial injury in October. We can't think of a better way to celebrate the milestone than with tasty cookies!!