Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quick update on my day...

Took Milly to my favorite groomer, "For Pet's Sake" today. I love how close they are to my office, and they are so great with her. In fact, when I dropped her off they did not take her back and crate her, but instead let her hang out up front at the register. When I arrived to pick her up when she was done she was again not in the back like most dogs, but instead lounging up front greeting the customers and soaking up the attention of the grooming salon's owner and the groomers! I've always had great experiences going here, but today seeing the individual attention they gave Milly really made me that much more of a loyal customer. When I payed they informed me they are having 3 drawings for a year of free groomings this summer, and so I entered. I was so pleased with the results, and possibility of free groomings for a year that I left feeling very lucky. On my way home I decided to continue the luck and invested $7 in the lottery - I've already lost $5, and am nervous to check the Mega Millions tickets online.

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