Thursday, September 17, 2009

Am/Ca CH Nitro's Boy Wonder Makes Golden Retriever History!

I am thrilled to announce that “Robin” (American/Canadian CH Nitro's Boy Wonder, BISS, BOSS, SDHF, CGC) has won the Law Enforcement category for the AKC's annual Award for Canine Excellence for 2009! I learned of this accomplishment through the Golden Retriever Forum.

The award will be presented to Robin on December 12th, 2009 at the Eukanuba National Championship dog show in Long Beach, California, and will air on National TV in February of 2010! So be sure to tune in!

This is the first time in the history of the Award for Canine Excellence (ACE) Awards, that a Golden Retriever has ever won the ACE Law Enforcement category! No small task in that "pointy-eared" world dominated by amazing and talented German Shepherds, but a milestone for Golden Retriever enthusiast worldwide!

Robin was nominated by his friends at the Kennel Club of Buffalo, and his owners and breeders are extremely grateful for all their support over the years. Robin is also forever indebted to many members of the Golden Retriever community across the country that came together and donated to purchase his bullet proof vest a few years ago, and to keep this amazing show ring champion safe as he works as a police dog!

This is one amazing dog, and if you haven’t already heard of him, I encourage you check out his breeder’s website and read his amazing story. Also take a look at Robin’s pedigree on K9data, and be sure to tune in as Robin receives his award and makes Golden Retriever history on national television in February!!!


  1. What a beautiful beautiful dog. Please remind us to watch Robin receive his award in February.

  2. Now come on - there is one of those pointy-eared dogs living with us! But, we are furry proud that a Golden has received such recognition because we always knew that Goldens were furry special.

  3. Wonderful! This is quite an accomplishment for a Golden Retriever!


  4. Wow! What a great accomplishment! My momster loves goldens... should i be a little jealous?

  5. I just have to tell you, I love the name of this blog:).

  6. My Grand-dad has the best nose ever! This year's AKC ACE nominees for Law Enforcement are howling: "Goldens Rule! Shepherds and Hounds drool!"
    I am so-o-o proud! I can only hope to grow up to make such a special difference in this world like my Grand-daddy.
    -Your Little Liberty (16 weeks old)