Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Twist 'n Treat

It amazes me how far the pet industry has come in such a small amount of time. Do you remember the options for dog toys 10, 15, or 20 years ago? I remember my childhood dogs practically grew up on rawhide chews (the kind with the knots on both ends) that I would never feed a dog now. Toys were tennis balls, rope, or squeaky toys, and if you wanted to play fetch with your dog you had to be good at throwing a ball… these were the days before the Chuck-It. Back then, if you wanted to leave the house for hours and keep your dog occupied you’d probably leave him with his tennis ball and a rawhide, because you didn’t have a Kong or a bully stick to provide him with. We fed kibble once a day (at 5pm) - canned food was only in the house after Sweetie was hit by a car and had her jaw wired shut for a few months – the dogs spent the day outside - romping around the farm, doing whatever it is that farm dogs do – the ones that did play fetch did so with sticks that I threw. They were all wonderful dogs that were happy, fit, and healthy, but they lacked all of the toys, treats, supplements and advanced holistic diets that Milly has today. Perhaps their massive yard (68 acres) filled the void for them, or perhaps I simply have fallen victim to the pet industry and become a materialistic dog owner.

Have we really gotten so far away from nature that you can now buy FetchStix?!?!

This is one product I will not be purchasing, I'll just pull them off of a low hanging branch as needed.

I’m not going to lie, I sincerely enjoy buying things for Milly, and testing them out. I am intrigued by the variety of products available for pet owners, and I am usually an easy target for a sales person. I even sometimes let Milly go shopping with me and pick out her next toy. But, on my last shopping trip to AKA Spot in Clarendon (Arlington, VA) I was on a mission for two things: Texas Toothpicks and an Everlasting Treat Ball. They had the Texas Toothpicks (which had gone up in price by $2, and now are only a little bit cheaper there than at other stores in the area) and did not have the Everlasting Treat Ball.

Texas Toothpicks are a great alternative to rawhide bones, and are all natural & made in the USA!

Milly goes nuts for them!

Milly has started digging a lot when she is in the yard (she doesn’t dig on grass, but if the soil is loose around plants she loves to dig) and I know this is probably because she is bored, so I wanted to pick up something to keep her occupied. The saleswoman was wonderful, feeding Milly tomato treats (with my permission, of course), asking all about Milly, and making me feel very comfortable and welcome. She showed me the Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat and I was sold!

The Twist ‘n Treat is the first and only 2-piece adjustable rubber treat dispensing toy. You can adjust the rate of treat dispersal to suit the interest and ability of your dog by twisting the disks tighter or looser. When I first introduced the Twist ‘n Treat filled with Merrick's Lamb Fillet Squares to Milly, I left enough space in the opening to allow treats to fall out regularly, so she could “win the game.” Once Milly got the hang of it and played successfully with the Twist ‘n Treat, I screwed the opening tighter and this extends the length of play. Because the opening is adjustable you can fill the Twist ‘n Treat with a variety of soft, hard, and smear-able treats. I also love that it is made of natural rubber. Milly got the hang of it pretty quickly, and with in 4 days I was screwing the Twist ‘n Treat to the tightest setting. She’s figured out how to use her front paws and her nose to roll it on its side, and can get the treats out a bit faster than I’d like, but she seems to really love the action of playing with the toy, and having to work at a game.

I would recommend the Twist ‘n Treat to anyone and a bonus is it comes in three sizes, so you are sure to find one that works for your pup!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for posting about this dog-toy company. We got our basset hound, Hamilton, a twist'n'treat and another toy from this company and he LOVES chewing/puzzling the toy to get his treats.