Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two Dogs Missing After Fatal Car Accident in Idaho:

My dear friend and fellow blogger (also a guest blogger on The Wet Nose), Rachel will be getting married this weekend, but she and her family have endured a horrific week. Here brother is in the hospital, and two of their dogs are missing after a fatal car accident in Eagle, Idaho. On Monday morning her brother, John, was in a serious car accident. He was okay, but it took 30 stitches and 10 staples to put his head back together, and he was released from the hospital that same day. The next day, Tuesday, John and his mom were driving and a car hit them head on, on the same road John had the accident on Monday. The other vehicle was apparently driving recklessly, Rachel's and John’s mom tried to swerve around the other vehicle, but it didn’t work. Luckily, both John and Mrs. Crosby were wearing their seat belts, and driving Rachel’s father’s big truck. While Mrs. Crosby walked away from the accident, John was not so lucky. He was pinned in the truck, and had to be cut out by the Jaws of Life. John and the two passengers from the other vehicle were all air lifted to the hospital.

John is going to be okay, but he broke his left tibia and fibula and his right foot was crushed. He also broke his back in two places. He underwent surgery to put a rod in his left leg and to realign the bones in his right foot, and the surgery went well, and he is recovering. However, he won't be able to watch his little sister walk down the aisle this weekend. The other vehicle involved had two passengers, neither was wearing a seat belt, the driver died, and the passenger remains in critical condition. My prayers are with all those involved in this terrible tragedy.

Three of the family’s dogs were in the truck during the accident, and all survived. Roo was found, but Cam and Otter took off running out of fear, and are yet to be found. A sighting of the dogs heading North (from the accident site), which is in the direction of Rachel’s parent’s house, has been reported. It is very likely Cam and Otter are trying to find their way home, her parent’s address does not appear on Google maps, but it is near Black Canyon Reservoir in Emmett.

Please pass on the info to anyone you know that lives in Idaho, or may be traveling through. The dogs are most likely frightened from the accident, but are friendly, and answer to the names Otter and Camo.



The accident took place in this area, and headed North from here is where the dogs were spotted:

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You can see photos of the accident and learn more by reading this news article:


  1. That's horrible! I wish I lived closer so I could help look for their precious pups.

  2. Thanks Lydia. The two dogs were found late last night and are home safe at my parents house. They were very scared, but VERY happy to see my dad. Many people spotted them and called my dad to let them know where they were. They ended up being found near the scene of the accident. Since they were spotted there, my dad and some friends took one of our trucks there and called for them. After an hour and a half both dogs found him. Otter came back first and about 30 to 45 minutes later Cam showed up.

  3. That's horrible!!! Sending my thoughts and warm wishes!!!

    lotsa licks,

  4. I live in Idaho! What a horible accident. My prayers go out to the families! I will pass this to people I know via e-mail who live here in hopes the dogs are found. Sounds like John's revovery will be long but thank goodness he is OK!


  5. Rachel--I just saw your comment above, and I'm thrilled the dogs were found. I'm so sorry about all of the tragedy you have experienced this past week...Best wishes for your wedding!

  6. I just went up and read all your comments. In the midst of a horrible tragedy, at least the dogs were found. I'm so glad for that and for those who are safe and mending. My prayers are with everyone....