Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Recently, I found out one of my favorite companies, Kate's Equine, is now making custom bracelets out of dog hair! I know, if you didn't read the first post, you are probably thinking this sounds creepy and gross. But, you'll be surprised out how fabulous these bracelets really are. I did a post quite some time ago about making fashions out of fur, and have spiffed it up for you all! If you missed the original post be sure to check it out, as there are many more ways to make items out of your pet's fur - from purses to sweaters there's something for everyone!

A dear friend of mine over at Kate’s Equine has been creating bracelets from horse’s tail hair, and now she's making ornaments and key chains, too. No animals are harmed in the creation of this fashionable jewelry. I am actually wearing one of her bracelets as I write this. My bracelet is made from a horse I rode and showed in high school and college named Crabby. Crabby was recently retired, and donated to a young woman with Williams Syndrome, and is currently being used as a therapeutic riding horse. He’s the type of horse that loves having a job, but in his old age needed to step down from competition. He is miserable when he is not being ridden, groomed and loved and this is the perfect retirement situation for him. His new “mother” is hoping to compete in the Special Olympics this summer, and I am so proud of both her and Crabby!

I love this bracelet so much, and wear it all the time. Kate knows this, and for Christmas she gave me a beautiful ornament made out of another very special horse's tail. My ornament is like this, but with black hair.

Between my bracelet and ornament you'd think I'd be set, but now there's another item I'm dying for! A bracelet made from Milly's hair... I could easily collect it while grooming her, and that way it would be clean. Isn't this bracelet lovely? The fixtures and charms are all sterling silver, and 3-4 pencil sized amounts of hair are needed to make one. Check out the detail work on this dog hair bracelet!

I think the heart charm is a perfect tribute to your special heart dog. I don't think anyone would ever guess this bracelet is made of dog hair, do you? It looks beautiful, and really neat and unique, too. I am now absolutely dying for one! You can order one on her website, www.KatesEquine.com.

I'm also thinking about getting a horse hair key chain made. What do you think of this? I love the crystal detailing, don't you?


  1. Love the keychain! I remember when you posted about this before...Kate's work is lovely!

  2. Very creative, who'd think to make something out of hair

  3. Those are beautiful! I wouldn't mind having a keepsake bracelet from Sam.


  4. Interesting idea! I like the white dog hair bracelet! I 'd like one for my sister.

  5. Kate no longer works with dog hair, sadly. Nor did she have anyone to recommend me to.