Friday, May 21, 2010

MY [hopefully] FUTURE PUPPY!!!

I have wanted to get a second dog since just a few months after adopting Milly in 2006. Yes, that's been four long years of denying myself the second dog I so desire! For someone who loves instant gratification, this has been a challenge.

You might remember my first post, when I thought I was going to get a European style Golden Retriever. I'm actually so grateful I followed my gut, and didn't go down that path. The breeder, though kind, and better than many breeders of "European type" goldens seems somewhat in it for the wrong reasons. At $2,500 a puppy from this breeder would have been a big financial investment, and the puppy would not be the style or quality necessary to win at AKC conformation shows. While these dogs were pretty, they weren't up to the standards I've now come to expect, and thank heavens for living and learning! I've also started to notice some red flags, that when I started this blog, I didn't know about. For example, this breeder of European type goldens only uses her own stud, and regularly repeats breedings. While neither of these things is bad on its own, they are practices that are frowned upon, because a truly reputable breeder is continuously trying to better the breed. No litter will be perfect, and there will always be traits from a litter that the breeder wishes to approve upon. By simply repeating the same breedings over and over again, you are not improving the breed based on flaws of previous litters. By using your own stud for every breeding, you are not going to be solidifying any specific type in your kennel name. While this breeder was nice, and did all the clearances, I'm starting to realize just how grateful I am that I did not purchase a puppy from her. I'm sure the puppy would've been healthy and a fabulous pet, but it would not have been a show ring quality golden that I so desire. In fact, neither parents of the litter I was interested in way back then are AKC champions. It's been fun having this blog so I can look back at things I've learned, and see how my opinions grow and change as I gain more knowledge!

After that, I decided to take some time and find the right breeder, and I'm so glad I waited. You might remember back in March when I unveiled the plans about the litter I was hoping to get a puppy from in this post. Well, that breeding did take place, and at around 28 days an ultrasound was performed and the pregnancy was confirmed - they were able to see six puppies on the ultrasound. I've been trying hard not to post too much about my future puppy, because I don't want to jinx myself, but the pregnancy has been moving along smoothly, and the dam's due date is fast approaching! She is due June 4th!!!!

There are many things I've learned in my puppy search. Perhaps the most important, is cost does not equate to quality. I will be purchasing a puppy from incredible bloodlines, and will be paying less than half of what the puppies from the "European Golden" breeder cost. This litter has the potential to produce absolutely phenomenal show dogs (and of course, most importantly, amazing pets). I have found the breeder of my future puppy to now be a woman I consider both a mentor and dear friend. She has already taught me so much in our emails, Facebook chats, and phone conversations, and I haven't even met her in person yet!!!

I have really had my heart set on a bitch, but I'm open to a male. I just found out that I am number TWO on the list for a puppy (only behind the breeder herself!), and so long as there are two girls in the litter one of them will be mine! I actually have second pick, which is a huge deal. At around 7 weeks old, the litter will be evaluated by multiple golden retriever breeders, and their evaluations will be how show quality and pet quality puppies are determined. They will evaluate every inch of each puppy, temperment test them to see which homes each puppy is best suited for, and evaluate the puppies movements, as well. I really trust the breeder, and I will go on her advice for which puppy to get. I know she knows a whole lot more than I do about raising and showing Golden Retrievers! I am so excited about this litter, and my future puppy!

"Maybe," the dam of my future puppy is apparently getting very big, and looks pregnant, but she hasn't slowed down much. This weekend the breeder will be setting up the whelping box, and introduce the dam to it. Next week the dam will start sleeping in the whelping box. The next two weeks will go by very quickly, and the pregnancy will progress very rapidly. This is one of the many signs that this is a great breeder that really cares about her dogs and their well being. Allowing a mother dog to nest and get acclimated to her whelping box is a critical step in the pregnancy.

Also, since I last posted, my future puppy's grand dam has become a Golden Retriever Club of America Outstanding Dam - meaning four or more of her off spring have achieved champion titles. This is a huge honor, and I am thrilled to have these incredible genes in my future puppy's pedigree!

Enough about mama, now let's talk about papa! As you know from this post, the sire is a Champion in America (AKC) and Canada. Since that post, "Lance" has won a BISS (Best In Specialty Show). A Specialty show is a huge show of all one breed. This is a very prestigous win, as specialty's attract the best of the best of a particular breed. At a Specialty show, usually the judges are breeders of that particular breed, and truly have first hand knowledge and a love of the breed. Lance took his BISS at the White River Golden Retriever Club Specialty.

I've been wanting a puppy for so long, that now it kind of feels like the day will never come. I'm amazed that in just two short weeks my puppy will be born, and at the beginning of August I'll be bringing it home! I can't wait!!!

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  1. We wish you the best! A new puppy is always so exciting!


  2. That's awesome!! I'm so excited for you!

  3. oooh, congrats, lyd! i'm so excited for you and can't wait to meet your puppy.

  4. I'm so happy for you!!! The waiting is the hardest part isn't it? Exciting though! Can't wait to see who you pick.

    I originally wanted a female but then I bonded with a male when I went to visit the puppies. I wound up taking him instead of the female. 3 weeks later I called the breeder to see if she was still there. 3 families had been interviewed to adopt her but none passed the breeder's test so the female was still there. I went back and picked her up that day. The breeder was thrilled that two dogs were going to the same home. I couldn't be happier. They are both fabulous dogs. My girl is a hunter and my boy *thinks* he's a show dog. Goldens are so much fun and such great company. The more the merrier.

    Keep us posted!