Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I'm one of Mason's biggest fans!!!

Y'all might remember back when I dog sat Mason Bailes. In case you're wondering, yes, as in Pennington & Bailes, those boys making the fantastic game day pants! I can't even begin to describe how fantastic Mason was to dog sit. Ever since he left I've been absolutely salivating like one of Pavlov's Dogs to get a second Golden. Mason is not only a gorgeous Golden Retriever, but he has that golden personality too!

Milly and Mason had a grand time over the long weekend he spent with us. We went on long walks together, and I perfected walking two dogs at once. I simply put one dog on each side of me, and enforced that they stay on their respected side. They were happy to oblige, and Mason, Milly and me (I know it should be I, but the 3 M's sound cute) would go on strolls throughout Arlington that lasted for hours! We'd play fetch in the yard, too! And, the dogs got to enjoy a heavy snowfall where we got about 4" (we called this heavy, until we got slammed with 28 inches...)!!

After our long walks or play time, we'd all come in the house for some grooming and tellie. I'd usually collapse on the sofa, with the two at my feet, but I'll admit, I broke my no dogs on the sofa household rule twice to have Mason and Milly snuggle for TV time with me.

I've dog sat for many, many, many friends - always opening up my home to their canine companions, and usually the dogs are great - but, no dog has ever gotten along with Milly like Mason did. In the past it's not that the other dogs didn't get along with Milly, but more that Milly seemed very indifferent about having them around. With Mason, the two of them would snuggle non-stop, and the few minutes when they weren't balled up together they were chasing after tennis balls with each other. It was as though they'd been best friends their entire lives! After Mason left to go back home, Milly seached the house whimpering for him. She was so lonely without him!

I was so proud when I was pursuing the Pennington & Bailes Facebook page - I'll admit, I'm dying for these two skirts! - and my favorite mascot jumped right off the screen at me! Look how handsome Mason looks here? I think he makes an incredible un-official Mascot. It's nice to know I've got a golden in my room that will work so nicely with the skirts I plan on ordering! Hopefully, I can make the trip down to Florida one of these days to visit with Mason (and the human Bailes, too)! They're just a great family, with a fantastic dog!

I love to go to USC football games, and this skirt would be great for that!
I'm also dying to get the Palmetto skirt, so I can proudly represent my homestate while in DC!!!

Milly even has a Palmetto collar and a Gamecock collar!

Her collars aren't made by P&B, but they would look so cute
on her with me wearing the skirt!

Of course, Pennington and Bailes products are of superb quality, and great for game day. Think about how great you'll look in your tail gaiting attire with your tail wagging pup at your feet!

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  1. love the shorts/skirts! I want some! However, I do have a dog related question... Do you have any tips about getting your dog to drink water? I worry Raymond is not drinking enough water. He seems to only drink water inside but, he spends most of the day outside. Any tips would be great!!