Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

On Monday, July 5th, I celebrated my 26th Birthday! Wow, I can't believe how old I'm getting, and that I've been out of college for over three years! That feels like just yesterday! Time sure does fly!

For a long time you know that I've been simply dying for a Dremel. One of my first posts was about grinding dog nails vs. clipping nails, and all of the benefits to grinding (I highly recommend you read it if you're interested in grinding). For my birthday, I received a very special gift, a Dremel Tool Kit!!! I know, most girls probably wouldn't be quite as ecstatic to get a power tool, but for me this is better than Tiffany's! I can now cross the Dremel off of my Ultimate Grooming Wish List!!!

I debated for a long time if I wanted to simply buy the Oster or Dremel nail grinder, but decided in the end, I wanted the real Dremel. A Dremel has varying speeds, and makes trimming nails very easy - many dogs that won't tolerate nail trimming, will tolerate nail grinding, if the groomer is patient and has a pocket full of treats. One of the main reasons I opted for the Dremel over other nail grinders on the market is quality, and the ability to use it for other things, say, like what it's made for! I have absolutely no experience, what-so-ever, with woodworking, but now that I have a Dremel, I'm going to give it a shot. The tool kit came with numerous attachments that will be handy for woodworking, and also included a sanding attachment and a sanding belt, which I will use for the nail grinding.

I find the website very handy for learning how to safely Dremel a dog's nails. She really breaks it down into steps, and by providing the reader with lots of pictures, you're able to learn how to safely grind your dog's nails.


  1. Happy Birthday, Miss Muddy Paws! My mother has been using a Dremel for years and years and finally bought me one for Christmas. Spencer is so good when I do it. To keep his from pulling his hairy little feet, I put his paw through a pair of old tights so that the nails pop through. That way no hair gets caught in the spinning sander.

  2. Well Happy Birthday. It doesn't take much to make you happy! :)

    I admire you for being able to cut the toenails. Fortunately, Jack runs around enough that we don't have to mess with his!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Time does fly so enjoy every minute of it!! I never do Holly nails myself because I would make a mess! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  4. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you got to eat some of that very delicious looking cake!

  5. Belated birthday greetings!

  6. Miss Muddy Paws... Happy Birthday! I've been reading your blog since last year. (We have a Portuguese Water Dog and I used to use a Dremel too... until I hit the quick once and my wife said never again) I know you like needlepoint dog pillows and have mentioned One Kings Lane. I sell more high-end, handmade needlepoint pillows than anyone else. And, yes, our pillows have also been on One Kings Lane. Check us out here.