Friday, December 31, 2010

RIP Mulder, CH Pebwin's XPDNC OS SDHF

I just learned of the passing of an incredible Golden Retriever, “Mulder”, CH Pebwin’s XPDNC OS SDHF, is Hush’s great grandfather. Mulder was incredibly influential to the Golden Retriever breed. His off spring can be found competing in a variety of venues, and he is in the pedigree of many winning show dogs today. Mulder embodied everything a Golden Retriever should in temperament, and was known for passing this on to his off spring.

RIP Mulder.


  1. My boy is one of Mulders Grandkids. I'm very sad to hear of Mulders passing.

    Ya done real good buddy :)

  2. I have a son of Mulders and Charles is dream of a golden. Our breeder told us of his passing.

  3. I am so sorry to learn of Mulder's passing. We have one of Mulder's sons with VB. Our dog looks very much like his dad, Mulder. Mulder passed along more than just his good looks. He also passed on a very sweet disposition to our boy, Brady. RIP Mulder