Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Road To The Breed Ring:

I am very excited to announce that on January 18th, Hush and I will be starting Beginning Conformation Class! Typically, the trainer of this class likes dogs to be at least 6-months, and Hush will only be 5-months, but because she will only be teaching the course this winter she is making an exception. I had the opportunity of meeting with the trainer last week after puppy kindergarten, and she is fantastic. She shows Chow Chow’s and is an AKC judge, who seems to be a wealth of knowledge!

So you ask, what is Beginning Conformation Class? Basically, this will serve as an introduction to conformation (dog showing, like what you see on TV when you watch Westminster) for both Hush and I. The class is geared towards anyone who is a novice and has never shown a dog in conformation, or has limited experience. To ensure all students receive individual attention, the class is capped at only 10 students.

The course covers:

  • Familiarity with breed standards and their importance
  • Canine anatomy terminology
  • Proper equipment use for exhibiting specific breeds
  • Show procedures and attitude
  • Movement patterns
  • Ring appearance
  • Good sportsmanship

The course is 6-weeks long, and will be the first step in preparing us for the show ring. After this class is over, another class will start on weekends, where each Saturday will be like a mock show to get dogs used to having dogs standing in front of and behind them while being shown.

I can begin showing Hush at 6-months in AKC puppy classes. I already have one show planned on our calendar in June, in Traverse City, Michigan, where as you know, Hush came from. Whether or not this show will be our debut, only time will tell!


  1. That sounds wonderful!! We would love to see pictures soon!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  2. We know you have a champion. Hush will do wonderful, and all of us will cheer you on when you take your first major!