Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wedding Favors Have Gone to the Dogs!

Wedding favors are sometimes big hits, and sometimes big misses. Right now, Koozies are really in with the 20-something crowd as a wedding favor. Also in are wine and or champagne glasses. The beauty of koozies and wine glasses is they can be personalized with any logo or artwork the couple wants used to commemorate their special day. It would be very easy to have a sketch of the couple and their dog printed or etched on the koozie or glass.

The drawback to stemware as a wedding favor is out-of-town guests may have a hard time flying home with it. As a result, some guests may take more than their share of favors, while others, who may have really enjoyed the wine glasses if they were not flying, must leave them behind. An alternative would be a wine charm. These are great because they can be used during the reception, and then simply removed from the glass and taken home as a memento. While companies do make them, finding dog charms in bulk is easy, and this could be a great do-it-yourself project to save money!

When I attended Annie’s wedding they gave guests hand-painted wooden coasters. They are absolutely beautiful, and I use mine daily. While hers were not dog related, if you have an artist in the family, something similar would be easy to make! I saw these coasters in a dog boutique recently, and thought they just looked so happy!

Dog breed gourmet lollipops are also a neat and fun favor.


  1. I like those! When Aaron and I got married, I told people I was registered at the feed store - I had no problem getting hay as a wedding gift! Nobody took me seriously, and I ended up with towels and toasters!


  2. Should I go for the
    Personalized Wedding Favors or some cheap gift ideas? I am so excited about wedding favors..!!!