Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Anti-Tail Wagging Furniture!

While I was in Manchester, Vermont I took a trip to both the Orvis flagship store and the Orvis outlet. Orvis is quite possibly the most dog friendly store I have ever stepped foot in. The Orvis flagship store is HUGE! It was two stories, and had everything an outdoorsy person could ever dream of! As I browsed through all of their clothing and accessories, Milly was a great sport right at my side. Sales associates kept coming up asking if they could give her a treat, and she sure was spoiled. Milly learned that she needed to wag her tail for people who had not yet given her a treat, to maximize all treat potential! Afterwards, we walked outside and fed the trout in the casting pond while Milly chased geese. It was truly an experience, and I recommend anyone visiting Manchester hit up the Orvis store and outlet, and pay the 25 cents to feed the fish, it's worth it!

The flagship store has a huge dog section where you can test out all of their beds, I’ve been thinking of getting Milly a therapeutic bed as she’s aging, and they had one that was just her size and 40% off! I might call the store to see if they still have it and could ship it to me.

As you all know, I absolutely adore Golden Retrievers, and am dying to get a second (and then perhaps a third) Golden. My only major complaint with Golden Retrievers, and I feel the same way about labs, is their tails are at perfect coffee table height! They are such happy dogs, and as soon as their tail gets going it can easily knock over anything on the coffee table. Milly has knocked over countless glasses of wine or other beverages, picture frames, and even the TV remote with hers! I find I always have to set drinks in the very center of the coffee table so she won’t knock them with her powerful happy tail.

I was tickled while in Orvis to discover they’ve designed a coffee table (and end tables, too) for this very purpose! The Anti-Tail Wagging Furniture line sounds incredible, and I’m dying to purchase it. But, the price tag is not cheap, so I’ll have to wait for it to go on super duper sale before I splurge.

As we all know, there are two things that never mix: a full wine glass and a happily wagging dog’s tail. Orvis set out to solve this problem and the solution in one you won’t find anywhere else. Their anti-tail-wagging storage coffee table furniture features unique recessed areas where glass, food, and any breakable items can be placed safely out of range of your dog’s exuberantly wagging tail. Expertly crafted from solid pine, the storage coffee table features two drawers and a sliding tray, while the end table has one storage drawer.


  1. Well I have never heard of such a thing! :) But now I have! :)

  2. Um, I adore this furniture! What an amazing concept!! XO

  3. Well how clever is that?? Even a little westie has been known to topple a glass of wine on the end table at my house. Hmmm...

  4. We had to quit eating at golden level! What an neat store!


  5. wow! i need one of those tables. we have the same problem with mabry!

  6. by the way, check out their website. the tables are on sale right now!