Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nuts for Knots!!!

Recently, I discovered a great new product Nuts for Knots, and Milly is begging me to order her one! Nuts for Knots are made of tightly woven cotton rope compressed into a compact ball. The tightly woven cotton is not only colorful, but also very durable! And best of all, you can toss them in the washing machine when they get gross and slobbery. I love the green, yellow and purple design, because it really stands out, and will be very easy for Milly to find in her massive basket of toys.

I love to bring Milly to work with me, but she can only sit still for about four hours before she wants to go out and play. To keep her occupied at the office I’m planning on ordering Nuts for Knots and throwing it down the hallway in my office building. This will give her the exercise she needs while at work with me, and prevent her from getting too antsy and barking. Our hallways in the office are carpeted, so it is the ideal place for indoor fetch. The carpet provides traction and prevents any slipping that can lead to joint damage, especially in older dogs.

This is not a toy I would leave a dog unsupervised with, though. The tag warns to throw it away once the knot becomes damaged or starts to unravel. Normally, this would prevent me from ordering a toy. But, for such a great price ($2.49 for the small, but I’ll need the large) it is worth it! This will be the office toy, so I’ll keep it in my drawer at work for office dog days.

These fun, brightly colored balls come in three sizes: small, medium and large – making them ideal for any sized dog. You can purchase them online at ThePuppyShop.com, and if you search for a coupon code online you’ll probably be able to find a discount code!


  1. If she is anything like Jack, you will be amazed at how quickly she can chew through the ropes. I always find lots of multi-colored threads whenever Jack plays with one of these!

  2. Louis has one of these!! He absolutely loves it for playing fetch. Actually, he refuses to fetch anything else :)

  3. So funny, I just bought one of those today!