Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Conformation Update

Conformation classes were supposed to start on Tuesday, but due to the ice storm, they were canceled. A real bummer, as I was really looking forward to them.

I recently ordered what I hope is the correct stuff for my conformation classes – a thin show chain (in gold) and a show lead (with loop, not snap). The show collar arrived and fits nicely (we’ll probably need to go up a size by the end of the 6-week classes, though), but the lead is on back order. I wanted to get a beige lead, but the company is out of those, so in the essence of time, I’m getting a brown lead. I ordered both from Cherrybrook, which a Corgi friend told me about, and can I just say, this company has the most incredible customer service ever!

Eventually, I will also be ordering a Kangaroo leather lead from Lacy’s Leads. I am already communicating with Lacy about what I want – we’re going to go brown leather (possibly with one strand of gold woven in), and beads… if I can ever make up my mind as to what kind of beads I want. Oh decisions!


  1. Back when I was showing my first Golden's I used a lot of stuff from Cherrybrook. They were the stress free place to order from!


  2. Bummer about the class cancellation. I hope to catch up with you soon and hear more about how Hush is doing. Remy had his first agility class Monday--it was so much fun!


  3. I want to show my Newfoundland but can't in conformation....color issues!

  4. These people make a much nicer show lead!!!!