Thursday, January 27, 2011

Training Lead

I have read all about the benefits of using a leather leash for your everyday/obedience lead. I started looking for a nice one about 6-months ago, but was shocked to see high prices for terribly constructed leather in most pet supply shops.

As you all know, I recently ordered some supplies for my handling classes, and while on the Cherrybrook website, I also purchased this lead. It is the Latigo Leather Training Lead, I opted for the 6-foot lead, which is perfect for training, in 3/4" leather. At a cost of $14.99 this was about $10 cheaper than other leads (and superior in quality).

When the lead arrived, I was THRILLED! This leash is beautifully constructed, and the leather is soft and subtle, yet clearly very high quality! This lead is made with the obedience trainer in mind - from double stitching for added strength, to hardware that enables easy use with or without gloves, it is top quality. I only wish I had ordered one sooner!

Hush's last everyday lead was nylon, and it tore through my hands when she would get excited. We're great with our loose leash walking, but every now and then she'll still pull when over-stimulated, and the old lead caused quite a bit of rope burn if I wasn't wearing gloves! I feel like this leash is going to last me her entire life, if not longer!

In the photo you can't really tell, but it is a 6-foot leather lead, with a handle loop on the end.


  1. I love Latigo leather! I also love wet noses. In fact my Gracie mentioned your wet nose and muddy paws running over at TLPC.
    I do love that lead. A good source for sure.

  2. I need to check out the website. sooner or later I'm going to need a leather lead!