Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Analyzing Pet Websites

Have you ever watched an advertisement on TV and pulled out your computer to visit the advertised company’s website? Or, decided with the bad weather you’d rather do some online shopping from the comfort of your home? Or, visited websites to compare prices, products, return policies, etc?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you may be interested in knowing more about web traffic. I find it fascinating to chart web traffic, and attempt to figure out what is drawing people to these sites.

This graph details unique visitors for Petsmart, Petco and Pet Food Direct.

As you can see, Petco has the most traffic to their site, followed by Petsmart and then PetFoodDirect.

Date: 02-2009
















* Month-to-Month Change: This value represents growth in the most recent month relative to the previous month.

** Year-to-Year Change: This value represents growth in the most recent month relative to the same month last year.

As the recession grows deeper visits to all of these pet supply companies have diminished greatly since the previous month. Petsmart appears to be struggling this month compared to the same month last year. This data proves Petco truly is “Where the pets go” and perhaps we can credit this catchy jingle and an aggressive advertising campaign for their increase in web traffic. Despite massive pet food recalls, including their recalls having to do with their own storage facilities, Petco has seen quite a bit of growth in web traffic this month relative to the same month last year.

Petfooddirect, a relatively new website with significantly fewer customers and smaller advertising budget than the Big Guys, is proving to stand out significantly. Growth since last year in site traffic is 87% higher, and these loyal web traffickers are likely to spread the word about this site.

A quick look at site analytics will show us what top key words are driving traffic to these sites:




1. Petsmart

1. Petco

1. Pet food direct

2. Pet smart

2. Petco.com

2. Dog food


  1. Hi Miss Muddy Paws,

    My is Daniel and I work in the Communications department at PETCO. I stumbled across your website when searching on the keyword PETCO. I have one small point of clarification. PETCO is "where the pets go", not PetSmart. They have a different slogan. Thanks. =)