Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fashionable, Fun and Frugal Options for Your Furry Friend:

In a recent post I blogged about Lilly Pulitzer launching a new dog line for those preppy pooches. However, in this turbulent economy many pet owners maybe overwhelmed by the sticker price of Lilly’s new dog collars and leashes.

For those of you who do not feel comfortable spending nearly $100 on a matching collar and leash for the summer season (myself included) you have another option: eBay.
If you simply search “Lilly Pulitzer Dog” in eBay you will find at least one page, if not more, devoted to sellers who have handmade collars and leashes out of authentic Lilly Pulitzer fabrics. These sell for a “Buy it now” price under $20, and both collar and leash are included in that price. While I know nothing about the quality of these leashes and collars, I can say it is not very difficult to make this type of leash or collar, and strength of the collar or leash can be accomplished by sewing a piece of thin canvas between the fabric of the collar or leash. The use of canvas in making these types of collars and leads is almost commonplace, and if these sellers use this technique you don’t have much to worry about as far as strength and durability.

For a price like this, it is hard to pass up the deal, and many consumers would find it worthwhile it even if the collar and lead turn out not to be well made. Judging by the photos, these look like very well made leashes and collars.

In this economy you and your furry friend can still be fashionable, fun and frugal.

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