Thursday, March 19, 2009

City Support Sought for Animal Shelter Project

There is a wonderful animal shelter located in Camden, South Carolina called Walter Crowe Animal Shelter. The staff and volunteers at this shelter all love the animals and strive to find them their forever homes constantly. However, this small shelter lacks the space to support the large number of dogs and cats it takes in, and therefore is forced to euthanize a very large percentage of their animals. They strive to find rescues to take in animals whenever possible, but this can be difficult – especially when dealing with mixed breed dogs, older dogs, and adult cats. Even puppies run out of time all too often at this shelter. Below is part of an article published in The Chronicle-Independent newspaper.

City support sought for animal shelter project

Ron Danta and Danny Robertshaw, who were named the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' 2008 Equine Fund Honorees for their work as Danny and Ron's Rescue, asked Camden City Council to support a new building project at the Walter M. Crowe Animal Shelter.

Robertshaw said he and Danta have raised $150,000 toward constructing two new buildings and renovating the shelter's existing building at the end of Fair Street in Camden.

"This would be done in three phases," said Robertshaw. "First, a medical and cat suite that would be separated from the euthanasia wing. Then an adoption wing and, lastly, renovating the current building."

Robertshaw said the money they have raised has come from all over the country and the world.

Danta said the shelter needs to expand because of the number of euthanasias that need to be done due to a lack of space to house unwanted dogs and cats.

"One unspayed female cat and one unneutered male cat can (lead to) 420,600 cats in seven years," said Danta. "In 1998, 14.1 million cats and dogs were euthanized in America. There were only 3 million people at President Barack Obama's inauguration." [End]

Danny and Ron are known as some of the leading horse trainers in the country, but their passion for saving dogs is absolutely inspiring. They care about Camden and they care about animals… truly an amazing team!

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