Thursday, March 19, 2009

Easter Inspired & Fashionable Storage for Dog Toys

When it comes to toys Milly has way too many. We keep them in a basket, and she takes them out as she pleases, but never puts them away. I feel like a hypocrite whenever I tell human children they have to put their toys back in the toy box when they’re done playing, but allow my Golden Retriever child to leave toys strewn across the house. I am determined to teach my next dog to put away her toys when done playing, but I’ve come to terms with the fact there are just some new tricks my old dog will never learn—putting her toys away is one of them. As an alternative, I’d like to have smaller toy baskets in various rooms of the house with the hope the toys will stay better in each room this way, and it will be easy to scoop them up and put them in the toy basket when Milly and I head to another room. I am a self-proclaimed basket fanatic, and while at Target recently I noticed a great basket (photograph compliments of fellow blogger HFG) in the Easter section. I absolutely adore the striped basket in the middle, but for the number of Milly’s toys I will need to get the larger striped square bucket on the bottom shelf towards the back.

As part of my budget I no longer allow myself to buy anything on a whim, and so I will need to sleep on this purchase, but I have a feeling tomorrow I will return home with a new toy box for Milly.

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  1. MMP-

    Love the boxes that Hopsy put on her page. I bought a handful of cute ones for the new house from Lowes - shocking, I know. Maybe I will post them soon...