Tuesday, September 21, 2010

37th Perfect 200 Score in Obedience!!

This video is truly inspiring! Of course, you know I love Golden Retrievers, but this takes my admiration to a whole new level! Watch how this dog is so dedicated to doing exactly what is asked, and is so focused! Even with distractions, this dog performs absolutely perfectly. This dog, Spirits GMOTCh, Am OTCh Zim Zam Zoom, is shown competing at the Utility level in obedience, which is the third and highest level of competition.

For those that don't realize, when the dog goes to retrieve the barbell, the dog must select the barbell that the owner held from the pile. This is called scent discrimination, and shows the dog's ability to select the owner's scent from a variety of articles.

The jumping, known as directed jumping, is where the dog must go away from the handler, turn and sit. Then, the dog must clear whichever jump its handler indicates, and then promptly return to the handler.

Other exercises included in Utility obedience are signal exercises, directed retrieve, and moving stand and examination.

I hope you are as inspired by this performance as I was!

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