Thursday, September 16, 2010

Canine Camper

As you can see, the Midwest Canine Camper is quite spacious. I decided to test it out, and Milly loved having me in there with her. The Chihuahua is our friend Madeline, who Milly has known since Maddie was just 8 weeks old, and smaller than a squeaky toy.

For a long time I've wanted a portable soft crate. A soft crate is perfect for safe car rides, and many come with carrying cases. They are light enough that even little me can easily lift and maneuver the crate. Plus, many have great options like outside pockets to stash your portable bowl, a brush, a leash, or a copy of your dog's records.

After lots of thought, I went ahead and ordered the Canine Camper. I found mine new on ebay, and saved $35 by buying it there. It's a very nice hunter green, it has removable flaps that roll up to give your dog windows and ventilation, or can be left down for privacy.

Right now, I'm staying with some friends, and the soft portable crate is ideal. This way, while I'm at work, Milly can be crated, but when I'm at my friends house I can quickly and easily disassemble it (you just lift it up and zip the sides to assemble it, so it's super fast and easy, no true assembly required) and put it out of the way so there is no mess in the living room.

Milly seems to love it. I highly recommend the Canine Camper to any dog owner. I got the 36" size (that is the length), which is a bit smaller than Milly's metal crate, but she still has plenty of room in it. This size is perfect for riding in the back of my Subaru Outback, too! The 36" does fit most Golden Retrievers that are within the breed standard, just an FYI.


  1. That looks like a great crate to have on hand! Love the picture! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  2. You and Milly and Maddie are so cute!

  3. by the way, this is heather on george's account... :)

  4. Your dog is beautiful!! And I appreciate this review because I am always wondering about the quality of the travel crates I see while online shopping:) Sometimes I think the reviews are made up on the stores websites. Such the skeptic!
    Anhow, we have a big crate for our German Shepherd pup and I am getting TIRED of carrying it up and down teh stairs to put in our trunck--so this might just be the answer!!