Saturday, September 4, 2010

My puppy at two weeks old :)

The puppies are doing great. Very healthy, and very vocal for their age. You can see this in all of their open mouths in these pictures. The already have nice heads, good bone and substance, and their coats feel like mink they are so soft.

Their eyes are starting top open, and look at those cute little nails. At a pretty young age, the breeder will start getting the puppies used to being handled, having nails trimmed, and other basic things that will become a part of the puppies life once it arrives at its new home. Their open mouths show their vocalization, which is a good development sign to see at this age.

You can look at a Golden Retriever puppy's ears to see a close idea of what color the puppy will be as an adult. You'll notice in these photos the ears are almost always darker than the rest of the puppy, as the puppy grows into a dog they will darken and match their ears.

The short fat otter-like tails are a very good sign that these puppies will be well balanced with nice structure. Long, stringy tails usually result in a lanky less balanced dog. I am learning so much about puppies and what to look for as this litter grows and I communicate with the breeder.

The breeder thinks this puppy might be the one for me! She is very beautiful and really the standout in the litter!


  1. Wow - those are going to be great dogs. I can already see that they look healthy and well taken care of. Look at that welping box! So nice! Sounds like you have struck gold with a breeder and some good puppies. You'll be a great GREAT owner. I am sure of it. Enjoy, and have fun!

  2. Well, that's a lot of stuff that I didn't know! Thank you for all the info!!

  3. I'm in love! I know you can't wait to meet her--I sure can't!