Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I just put all of the entries into a hat, and with the supervision and assistance of a co-worker we drew the winner of the Bully Stick Giveaway.

Miss Muddy Paws would like to congratulate Katherine for winning the first ever giveaway at The Wet Nose. Katherine is the winner of a 12” all-natural, chemical free, free range, organic bully stick, and we’re sure Abby, Katherine’s lab will love her bully stick!

Katherine writes, “Abby would love a bully stick because a lab never turns down anything edible,” that sounds like so many dogs I know! In the spring and summer Abby’s favorite activities include going to the dog park, hikes through the woods, and swimming, Katherine tells us.

To everyone who entered the giveaway, thank you, because without you this would not have been possible. Please continue to check back as we are currently planning some exciting new giveaways, and there will be more chances to win! I wish that everyone could have won a bully stick, because it was such a pleasure to hear about all of the fun and exciting activities you enjoy with your dogs during the spring and summer!

Katherine, please comment with your email address so we can arrange shipping for Abby’s new all-natural, chemical free, free range, organic bully stick!

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