Friday, April 24, 2009


One of my favorite things about having dog-owning friends are the doggie slumber parties that go with all dog-owning friends. I love being able to ask a pal to dog sit Milly, and know that she will not only stick to her regular feeding, exercising and playing routine, but also get the same love and attention she would from me. I know to Milly a babysitter isn't quite the same as "mom", but I also know that she thrives on winning over people, and any opportunity to win over a pet-sitter is one she'll surely enjoy!

I apologize for not blogging more this week, but because I have enjoyed those days of vacation (without Milly, sadly), I am happily returning the dog sitting favor for a pal this weekend.

The dog I am dog sitting is named Riley, and he's a Spring Spaniel (don't ask me what kind, because I forgot, but if you're curious feel free to comment and I'll find out!). Milly and Riley have a very special relationship, because they live together (unfortunatley this living situation will end in 3 weeks... Milly and I are both very sad about this), but Riley normally has his "brother," a Jack Russell Terrier named Chance to play with. However, on this weekend, Chance has another dog-sitter, and it's just Riley, Milly and I.

I gave both of the dogs their dinner (1 cup of their respective kibbles), but jazzed them up a bit with a scrumptious egg, green beans, sweet fresh peppers, carrots and bananas! Obviously, I asked Riley's owner permission before enhancing his kibble, but both dogs loved their summer cuisines. I think it is so enjoyable to be able to supplement the boring kibble with not only the protein of an egg, but also the freshness of ripe vegetables and fruits (all in moderation, of course).

Here's a picture of Milly and her beau Riley. I wish I could have caught one of them earlier snuggling on the living room floor, but I think they're cute all tucked in to their respective beds!

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