Wednesday, April 15, 2009


You’ve asked for it, and now you’ve got it! The Wet Nose’s first ever GIVEAWAY!  Tell Miss Muddy Paws why you think you should win a 12-14 inch all natural, free-range, chemical-free Bully Stick for your pup. Follow these simple steps for the most ways to win:

  • One Lick: Leave a comment telling Miss Muddy Paws why your pooch deserves the Bully Stick, and what your favorite springtime activity with your four legged friend is. You will be entered once in the drawing.
  • Two Licks: One lick, plus become a follower of The Wet Nose and tell a friend about The Wet Nose (on your honor). You will be entered twice in the drawing.
  • Three Licks: One and two licks, plus link to The Wet Nose from your blog, or add The Wet Nose to your blog’s Side Bar. You will be entered three times in the drawing.
  • Four Licks: One, two and three licks, plus e-mail multiple friends about The Wet Nose giveaway (you can CC MissMuddyPaws @ (no spaces)). You will be entered four times in the drawing.

Unfortunately, this drawing is only offered to followers in the United States. If you live abroad and want to enter if you win you must be willing to send the prize to a U.S. address (of your choosing). For the non-dog-owning followers Miss Muddy Paws is happy to send the Bully Stick to a friend, rescue or shelter of your choosing.

HAVE FUN!!! And remember; if you like what you read here please comment on the blog!


WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29, 2009 AT 3:00PM!!!


  1. I don't have a dog, but I would love to donate it.
    My cat would appreciate it too.

  2. Hershey would LOVE a bully stick!! She throughly enjoyed the piece you gave her at the Blue house that one time. I love taking her to the park in the spring (no more coat and mittens needed!). We also enjoy watching her swim at our friend Zach's place.

  3. Abby would love a bully stick because a lab never turns down anything edible. Abby's favorite spring/summer time activities include going to the dog park, hikes through woods, and swimming.

  4. Rocky(cairn/yorkie terrier) would love a Bully stick and if something should happen and he turns his finicky nost up at it he will share it with his cousin Shadow (Newfoundland/lab mix).
    One of Rocky and I's favorite spring time activities is taking walks and looking at everyones Spring flowers. Also meeting all the other new doggies in the neighborhood.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Bully sticks are my boys' favorites! Truman inhales his as fast as he can gnaw it down, but Winston savors every last inch, chewing meditatively with eyes half-closed.

    Favorite springtime activities include chasing (but rarely catching) bumblebees, hunting crickets, stealing "sticks" (berry bush canes) out of the garden and wrasslin' in the freshly mown grass.

    Thanks for sharing your blog on TOC! Now I have something new and "doggie" to read. :)

  6. Ooh! Marley would love a free-range bully stick! He currently gets grass fed bison tendons form , but we haven't found a source for free-range bull sticks yet!

  7. Domino would love this! even tho she is a tiny dog she thinks shes the size of a great dane lol! Her favorite thing to do in sunny weather is play fetch and dig for bugs